Welcome to Nrutyarpan

Bharatanatyam Dance School Since 2009

Nrutyarpan was established in 2009 in Edison NJ.ย  As an institute dedicated to teaching Indian Classical Dance Bharatanatyam in Vazhuvoor Style, Nrutyarpan not only teaches dance as a decorative art form but focuses on the overall development of the physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural aspects of the dance form.

Focus Areas

Thorough understanding of Music and Taala.

Awareness of the rich background of stories and embedded philosophies.

Focus Areas

Channelizing energy for skill enhancement and enjoyment

Develop imagination and creativity in the expressions

Focus Areas

Develop nuances required to be a good dancer


Should appreciate Nruthyarpan's effort during covid stay at shelter time. I was very much worried about my daughter's Dance class and music class. Guru Sneha had come up with an excellent plan of conducting classes online I zoom which kept the flow in students learning along with helping them to feel normal during these critical times. That shows a Guru's dedication towards her teachings and Students. ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™

    Guru Sneha isnโ€™t strict to the point where her students think that she is mean, but she is strict enough to the point where us students understand our expectations and strive to exceed them.

      Bharatnaytam will help my daughter get discipline and learn a dance form from her guru in step by step process. We are very happy with Sneha madam teaching techniques. Thanks Sneha madam

        Guru Sneha is a very dedicated and patient teacher. Her attention to detail to help every student is very commendable. I greatly appreciate the dedication and attention she gives to each student. The decision to quickly move to online classes in this unprecedented situation is especially worth mentioning. Liz certainly benefits from the focusing aspect of Bharatanatyam. I have seen her practicing dance as a way to relax and get her focus back to do difficult homework assignments. Liz enjoys her lessons and always looks forward to her lessons.

          Love the annual days. It is a good way to showcase what kids have learnt. We get to see how kids evolve and improve their dance forms as they move up the class levels. Guru Sneha does a great job preparing kids for the show single handedly. Love to see her perform at the grand finale ๐Ÿ’•

            Over 12 Years In The Dancing School

            Nrutyarpan is associated with Akhil Bharataiya Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Mumbai and SAMVED Exam Board USA. Nrutyarpan follows a carefully crafted Syllabus by many well known dancers and practitioners from India and USA who are on the board of Gandharva and SAMVED Board. This ensures that the students will get the holistic education which is prescribed by 2 well known organizations from India and the USA. Parents are assured that students will get the complete knowledge of Bharatanatyam and also in correct sequence.
            Nrutyarpan students can appear for Certification Exams both Diploma and Degree (Visharad) from SAMVED Exam board. Exam creates seriousness in the students and motivates them to study and practice Bharatanatyam regularly. Samved Exam board is recognized by many universities in the US and certificate (Diploma or Degree) from Samved is a well recognized extracurricular for College Admission.
            Nrutyarpan also conducts Annual Recitals from time to time for itโ€™s students to get stage performance experience. Nrutyarpan students also perform in various cultural programs in the area such as IFMP Cultural Program, Guruvayur Temple Events, Dussehra Mela, Saptami Foundation Events and Competitions, Natyanjali Dance Competition etc.